Vitality Fare seeks to empower individuals through conscious eating and lifestyle practices that promote health, self-love, and joy. You are what you put into your body, but more than that, you are the thoughts you tell yourself and the words you speak out loud. At Vitality Fare, we give you the tools to approach food mindfully and lovingly, as well as nutritious thoughts and affirmations that support a healthy lifestyle and nourish your soul.

Our culture is rampant with dis-ease, dieting fads, and unrealistic expectations. We’re conditioned for instant gratification and fooled by advertisements and food science. We are not their puppets! To truly emancipate yourself from the victimization of dieting and limiting beliefs, we must release all forms of expectation and return to the basics. Vitality Fare offers a safe and nurturing space to acknowledge your negative patterns, embrace the transformative process, and strengthen your will to eat healthier and live like every day is your last.

We know that people come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and sexual-orientation. At Vitality Fare, we love and respect all individuals as part of a whole. Part of a collective consciousness of beautiful minds and souls. As the great writer and activist Wendell Berry said, “The Earth is what we all have in common.” Despite our differences, we are not separate, and what brings us together is food.