Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is based around the idea that a certain “life force energy” flows through us, thereby animating these bodies we inhabit. When this energy is low, we are more vulnerable to illness and stress. When it is high, our ability to be happy and healthy improves drastically.

Reiki is administered by studied practitioners who are taught the method of “laying on hands” in certain positions on a person’s body to direct this energy. It is gentle and non-invasive. Reiki treats the “whole body,” including mind, emotion, and spirit, creating many beneficial effects during a session such as:

  • relaxation
  • inner peace
  • release of tension and unwanted feelings
  • joy, passion, fervor
  • visions of the mind (for some people it’s shapes and colors, others more vivid)
  • and other insightful experiences unique to the individual

Reiki, like other forms of energy work, is not religion-based. It draws from the ever-present, higher vibrational energies already existent in nature. You do not have to believe in anything specific for it to work. The only thing required of you is to be open to the process of self-healing, however that may look for you. It helps to release judgment and expectation of how you hope the healing will look. A Reiki session can help with this. Healing comes in many different forms, and Reiki is a modality to unlock these pathways within you.

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