Liz Leonard


~ find me where the sea meets the sand ~

Liz grew up in her mother’s dance studio, observing the ins and outs of nurturing a business. At 17, she began teaching dance, and at 23, after graduating from Boston University with a B.A. in Anthropology, Liz left the dance world and began exploring other interests, including health and sustainability. Almost 3 years working at Green Street Natural Food in Melrose, she soaked up all she could about nutrition, healing herbs, non-toxic products, and dietary supplements; while also branching her experience in business management. During this time, Liz received her professional certification in Health Coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, while proceeding to gain experience in weight loss coaching and urban farming and nutrition education. In 2015, Liz began pursuing a Master’s Degree in Health Arts and Sciences at Goddard College in Vermont, and in 2017, advanced her studies in mindfulness and energetic anatomy, leading to her professional certification as a Reiki Master from the Budrose Center for Spiritual Growth

Outside of work, Liz enjoys writing, play-dates with her nieces, and being in nature. Her favorite season is summer, or in her words, “mermaid season.” She loves her Vitamix and food processor, both of which allow her to create new and deliciously healthy things in the kitchen.

To learn more about how Liz became interested in whole-body health, read her story…

Her Story

Liz’s interest in holistic health began as more of a necessity, which later evolved into a passion for helping others. As young as 14, Liz started experiencing symptoms of what would take doctors nearly 10 years to diagnose as Eocinophilic Esophagitis (EoE), amongst other things. From chronic hives to frequent occurrences of painful and violent dysphagia, Liz went about her adolescence never able to find meaningful guidance on how to improve and manage this confusing, sometimes frightening, condition.

At 22, Liz finally received a proper diagnosis but was fed up with conventional medical advice of “take these pills and chew better.” The diagnosis advanced, but the advice did not. If it didn’t help before, why would it now? It was then that Liz turned to holistic medicine and within months, between drastic dietary improvements and supplementing with herbal medicine, her symptoms were next to gone.

Over the years since, Liz has studied, researched, and spoke with holistic practitioners to learn about whole-body health, our corrupt food system, and the best dietary practices from around the world. However, as knowledgable as Liz was becoming, something was still making her sick. Her EoE symptoms were practically gone, but new symptoms, like severe hair loss, advanced digestive issues, and acne, were plaguing her. Liz was then diagnosed with PCOS and other brain-gut imbalances, but after all the work she had already done, she felt defeated, not to mention she had begun to experience a sense of lost identity.

After a couple years of turning back to sugar and feeling unmotivated, Liz discovered Reiki. All the diets she had tried, all the cleanses and detoxes she went through, all the money she had spent on schooling, etc. — it was all draining her energy. No wonder she was losing her hair. Liz hardly spent her life in the present moment, always looking ahead at the prospect of when she’ll feel better or the visions of where she’d be in years to come. She was casting out her energy, taking it out of present time — the only time. This was making her ill. It was causing depression and anxiety and setting her up to fail. When Liz learned to work on her energy, focus inward, and practice more conscious behavior (or mindfulness), that is when things began to shift.

Today, Liz is proud to work on her health in such a meaningful way, while also sharing her experience and knowledge with others.